INTERSECT launched as a new way for transportation professionals to learn and grow at the GRIDSMART Headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. INTERSECT’s mission is to train and educate technicians, engineers, and transportation leaders. Since 2015, INTERSECT has been the gathering place for ITS professionals to participate in an open forum and discussion on the direction and development of technology for the nation’s evolving mobility.

About the Conference

INTERSECT is the ultimate training ground for you, the people responsible for improving, maintaining, and protecting our cities’ streets. Prepare to take a deep dive into topics such as security, deep-learning, cloud and software technology, big data, and more. You will work directly with technical experts as you participate in advanced training classes that contain hands-on, interactive learning. After three days, you will emerge armed with new expertise and solutions to implement in your town, urban or rural. Are you ready to put your Boots on the Ground?

A recap of INTERSECT19 is available here.


October, 2021


GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. Headquarters
Knoxville, TN

More Than a Conference

Enlightening Keynote Speakers

Diverse Regional Views

Exposure to Multiple Vendors in the Horizontal Supply Chain

Planning for the Autonomous Future


TARP Points

“I know a little something about transportation having traveled over 17.6 million miles… We’ve retired the space shuttles and we’re working on a new system that will allow us to travel to new destinations, like Mars… The technology we’re developing here on Earth will also be applicable to technology our astronauts will use going to Mars and other destinations like the asteroids or even going back to the moon.”

Dr. Don Thomas

NASA Astronaut, Ph.D.


Be part of the INTERSECT movement and drive traffic engineers to transportation future.

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