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From the Ground Up

OCTOBER 8-10, 2019

Join us at INTERSECT19 as we build transportation’s foundation “From The Ground Up.”

About the Conference

Your city, project, or product is only as good as the foundation it’s built on. INTERSECT is the foundation for training ITS professionals for the connected future of a technology driven transportation industry. Technicians earn TARP points through GRIDSMART specific product sessions and SEMAPHORE, an industry specific training program to educate the next generation of ITS professionals. Industry leaders share insight on developing the framework for successfully deploying intelligent technology as solutions in your community.

A recap of INTERSECT18 is available here.


GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. Headquarters
Knoxville, TN


Tuesday – Thursday
October 8 – October 10, 2019

What You Will Learn


Determine the best investment criteria for ensuring safety, efficiency, and cybersecurity as your community evolves into the autonomous vehicle future.


Use hands-on exercises to learn and implement best practices to prepare your intersections for the future. Work with traffic professionals on vital skills such as networking traffic cabinets, grounding an intersection, or optimizing GRIDSMART equipment.


Study real-world applications for collecting, retaining, and applying fused traffic data to optimize your intersection for safety and efficiency.

2019 Keynote Speakers


Industry Analyst, Micromobility Industries, Asymco


Vice President, Government Relations & Strategy, Cubic


Agency Director, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Stay Tuned for More 2019 Speaker Announcements

“I love civil engineers, I do… But the answer was always concrete and re-bar, and the stuff that goes in the traffic control box is an after thought… No, it’s all about data, it’s about innovation… We should be doing dynamic signal control everywhere.”

Paul Brubaker

The Alliance for Transportation Innovation, Inc.


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